Tips for Road Runner Shoes

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How to select road runner shoes.These are runner advices.

 1.When is it time to retire my running shoes?

Between 300 and 500 miles. Why the range? Because how quickly a shoe wears depends on you. If you land hard on your heels with each stride, for example, you're going to wear through shoes more quickly than more efficient runners. Go by feel. If after a normal run your legs feel as if the shoes aren't providing you adequate protection, they probably aren't. Give your legs a week to make sure it's really the shoes and you're not just tired. If the shoes still feel dead, replace them. We can tell you that the vast majority of runners replace their shoes too late. When you can see white midsole material poking through the outsole or when the sole under the heel looks crushed, the shoes are long past their prime.

2.when I went to buy my running shoes, the local running-store owner explained that training in two or three different shoe models is better for your feet. I bought her story and walked out with two different pairs. Any truth to this?

Good advice, but the up-front cost can seem pretty high. Running in more than one pair will help your biomechanics adapt ever so slightly to each shoe. These adaptations are a good thing because they help prevent overuse injuries. In addition, midsole foam requires as long as 24 hours to fully recover from a run. So if you run at night and then need to get an early workout in the next morning, a different pair will give your body more protection.

3 I notice that during long runs in my motion-control shoes, the balls of my feet hurt. Does this have anything to do with my shoes, my gait, aging, or all of the above?

As we age, the natural cushioning of the foot starts to lose its resiliency, which means
shoes with good cushioning are especially important for older runners. To address your sore feet, look for a shoe with good support but better RW Shoe Lab cushioning scores. If you're lighter weight (under 160 pounds), consider moving from a motion-control to a stability model.

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